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Hello and Welcome to My Website.

My Name is Andrew Stanley.

I am working as a qualified chef and have been for nearly 18 years now, with an emphasis on retiring from the catering industry in about 1 years’ time to follow my dream.

My dream is to work for myself from home with an online business…

Whilst trying to look for a legitimate online business, I have also been looking for a way to make money from the internet just to help with day to day bills etc… sadly so far with a ZERO success rate.

Fortunately in January 2014, I was lucky enough to be introduced to a revolutionary unique online advertising company called My Advertising Pays… & it Does!


When I started with this incredible business I had NO prior experience whatsoever of working online.

The magic and beauty of My Advertising Pays [MAPs for short] is it’s so easy.

I reached over 100+ credit packs on the 5th December 2014 & instantly became what members know as an “Elite 100 Club Member”


Since then this incredible business has changed all areas of my life,  and I’m working towards 1200 Credit Packs!

My day is coming and I am extremely excited to reach my dream & goal with this business, and also retiring from my current job/industry to finally work for myself.

My dream will come true soon enough and it will enable me to spend more quality time with my 12 year old son, who is my world.

No more 12 – 14 hour shifts!

No more working 6 days a week, or working bank holidays, special days, Birthdays, Christmas…. never mind having time off myself for a break or holiday for that matter!



I wll reach 1200 diamond level status, It’s Just a matter of when!

This will enable me to work online, choose my own hours & more importantly choose to work anywhere in the world I want. MAPs will give me this freedom of choice & I will do all I can to help you achieve the same.

So, simply put your details into the Opt-in Form on the right of this page and take action to change your life today….

I will help & guide you every step to achieve the same.



I look forward to working with you soon…

Andrew Stanley.

[My Results Are NOT Typical – As I TOOK Action!]

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