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camara12Please watch the following interviews with MAP members who share their stories and success since they started My Advertising Pays, and the impact it’s been having on their lives and business.  The following Interveiws were recorded in 2014. Any statement or any income discussed in these videos are a reflection of individual results and are not typical.

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My Advertising Pays London event July 2014


Top Internet Marketer and Diamond team Leader Simon Stepsys explains his enthusiasm and motivation in helping so many people see the incredible opportunity within My Advertising Pays to advertise their business and get traffic to their opportunity or product range, and to help people build their list and business’s and grow a substantial income as well.


Global Communications Executive at My Advertising Pays,Tony Booth, shares his story and journey from a conventional business background to working with a newer method of income generation through online advertising and the relationship that existed between Mike Deese ( C.E.O. & Founder of My Advertising Pays )

Interview with Diamond team leader from Cologne Germany Rainer Barton;

 Rainer visited London and his Sponsor in My Advertising Pays ( Simon Stepsys ) to share the success the MAP teams were having in Germany, and to share from his visit the initial meeting he had with Mike Deese the founder and C.E.O. of My Advertising Pays.


Interview with Thomas Pfiffner Diamond Team Member in MAP. Thomas comes from a music background as a professional Rock Drummer and a great number of bands and rock groups over the last few decades. Thomas had seen the way the people were making great incomes online, and on a residual basis. He shares the steps he took to change his life and the lives of others that were introduced to this business of My Advertising Pays.


Interview with Diamond Team Leader Victor Ogunmolade, Victor shares his journey and excitement on how My Advertising Pays has changed his life in many Positive ways.


Interview with Ian Vanderhyde Diamond Team Member in MAP. In this interview, Ian demonstrates his 1200 credit pack purchase live at the training day in London ( For more information regarding training events go to ) Ian also describes the effort he took to reach Diamond level Status, and hopefully it can help to demonstrate you can create a residual lifestyle without having to recruite a large team below you to be able to have success in My Advertising Pays



My Advertising Pays London event July 2014 Interview with Claire Hartman-James Diamond Team Member in MAP. In this interview, Claire describes her own personal journey and motivation to create success for her team and others to build a strong foundation in MAP.

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