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Mike Deese

Mike Deese spent years looking for a real no BS internet income model that would create a secure, reliable, and solid income. In a sea of scams and empty promises, My Advertising Pays is the definitive online advertising system created by Mike and his team of experienced marketers, mathematicians and engineers to create a true Internet Income System. Mike’s passion is to help people find and unlock their true income potential by plugging them into the right money-making systems.

Please watch Mike share his thoughts on the success and developement in My Advertising Pays at the one year Anniversary Event held in London December 13th 2014 in a packed hall of MAP affiliates and leaders. Income cheques shown in this video are a reflection of individual results and are not typical. For full income disclaimer please visit

When I made my first dollar online in 2005, I knew then that this was something I could align myself with. I distinctly remember a conversation I had with my father back then. My father, God rest his soul, was a very wise man. He had me when he was 59 years old and passed in 2010 at 86. After I found my way and settled in to online marketing, I was making about 6K a month, and my ‘pops’ as I called him, just couldn’t believe it was possible. As you can imagine, being born in 1923 he was not what you would call ‘tech savvy’ haha. At that time many people were making it big on eBay by creating their own stores. I remember telling him one evening that I didn’t want to become a master seller on a site like eBay, rather I wanted to one day create an empire like eBay. And then and there, the dream was born.


Since then, the ugly face of the internet reared its head at me many times. I would work so hard to create a reliable income and help others do the same, only to have the business shut down and take all of our collective hard work with it. To put it lightly, it was extremely discouraging. With the bills still rolling in and no money to pay them, back to blue-collar job market I would go. But I would always come back online, I just couldn’t let the dream go.

I am an extremely resilient person. I think because I have had to be through the course of my life. Without going into detail, I’ve had to live through many unforeseen tragic deaths of people I was really close to. I’ve struggled many times, but always seemed to rise from the depths damaged, but somehow stronger than ever before. As a result, I am extremely thankful and blessed, and have increasingly become more of a people oriented person that simply wants to help other people in life to become successful with me as opposed to becoming successful at the expense of other people.

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Money, like it or not, is a necessity in the world we live in. And the fact is, most people are significantly bound by the lack of it. Suddenly, about 8 months ago, my purpose and the dream that was born back in 2005 suddenly combined and the Vision of My Advertising Pays was born. Though I was signed up for school at the time, I decided to put it off and focus solely on this Vision so that it might come to fruition.

Since then, its been quite the ride. I’ve put my life’s work into this Company. The Vision stretches far beyond the proverbial walls of But I know, for the Vision to become reality, I must first take care of its members and provide an excellent platform that facilitates the Vision. I fully believe in My Advertising Pays because I know, it was built for members, not just the Founder. I am a very realistic person, and I am willing to get on a personal level with you, because I want you to know that I am just a real person, trying to create an exceptional opportunity for everyone to band together and leverage the efforts of millions and get rewarded accordingly.  I’ve managed to band together a strong team that believe in MAP’s Vision just as much as me. I hope you will join us on this ride and help spread the Vision to every man and woman who desires change, are ready for something better in life, but who are also willing to help others reach this better life, together. That’s the dream. This is the real me. And this is the road that’s been traveled to get here. The road that on the map that created MAP if you will :).

I hope to meet many of you, share ideas and success stories as we grow together. With My Advertising, the possibilities are truly endless.

Many Blessings,

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CEO & Founder

It PAYS to be on the MAP!

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