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Andrew Smashes 750+ Active Credit Packs To Hit EMERALD Level !!!

Friday 2/9/216

Andrew Smashes 750+ Active Credit Packs To Hit EMERALD Level In My Advertising Pays!!


Hello Guys, Andrew Here With My Blog Post Part 2 As Previously Mentioned On Friday 26/8/216, In My Previous Blog Part 1!

I Am So Excited To Share With You ALL My Greatest and Latest Achievement Update On My MAP Journey… I Have Smashed Through To What Is Known as ” EMERALD ” Within Our Advertising Business. [ What Does This Mean, You’re Probably Asking??? ]

Well It Means that I have Built Up My Business To Over 750+ Active Credit Packs and I’m Reaching Just Shy of $600 – $700 Dollars Per Day!!! YES You DID Read That Correctly!!! But More Importantly I Am Only One [ 1 ] More Step To Hit and That Is Called ” DIAMOND “! Diamond Member Is When You Reach 1000 Active Credit Packs and Maintain Them For MAXIMUM Profit Share, Which Is Distributed Every 20 Minutes Of Every Day, 24/7, 365 Days Per Year. I Am On Target To Hit 1000 Credit Packs Within 3 Months, As I Write This Blog Post. Nothing Will Stop Me from Reaching My Goal and Target, Especially as We [ MAP ] Have Our Three [ 3 ] Year Anniversary Event In London In December, and Our CEO Mike Deese Is Flying All the Way From USA To Attend This Special Event, So It Drives Me Even More To Reach My Diamond Level Target In Time For December.

As Being a MAP Member, Every Level You Reach, You Get Recognition For Your Hard Work and Achievements, Below Is My NEW EMERALD WRISTBAND Which I Received Only a Few Days ago, By My Great Friend & Sponsor.









I Was So Excited To Receive My New WristBand, That I Recorded a Short Video Of MySelf Opening My Band From The Mail Man Who Delivered It, Which I Had To Sign For Upon Collection. Below Is The Live Link To View My Video, Which Is Posted On My YouTube Channel.

CLICK HERE >>>  Andrew Stanley Hits EMERALD In My Advertising Pays.  <<<

Here Is What My Sponsor Briefly Posted about My Latest Achievement In Hitting EMERALD.



Now Guys and Girls, Now That I Am Officially an EMERALD MAP Member, I Shall Continue My Map Journey Straight To DIAMOND! Then My Life WILL Completely Change, and I Will NOT Have To Go To Another Kitchen/Chef Job Again!! I Will be able to Quit My Chef Job & Continue My MAP Business Full Time and Grow My Team. Plus Ill be able To Help and Teach New People Who Want To Do the same as I Have In This Incredible Business. This Is My Passion and Dream. Dreams Really Do Come True If You Persist, Dedicate, Commit 110%. Never, Never, Never Give Up On Your Dreams OR Goals!!

” If You Want Something You’ve Never Had Before, Be Prepared To Give Up The Things To Achieve It “!!

IMG_1533Thank You Guys For Reading My Latest Blog Post Part 2, I Sure Hope You Understand How Exciting This Business Really Is, and How ANYONE Can Do The Same! MAP Is Only Just Getting Started, Our Business Is Growing By HUGE Amounts On a Daily Basis, By Leaps and Bounds Guys! 100% Secure & Stable Cash Flow at the Click of a Button!

It PAYS To Be On The MAP!!!


Andrew Stanley, Internet Marketer/Coach & Mentor.

EMAIL:  >>

SKYPE: >>  Andystan32

MOBILE: >> +44 7956414417



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