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Finally an Online Advertising Platform That Shares Its Profits Daily With Its Members

  • My Advertising Pays Provides A Secure And Reliable Income.
  • With Cash Deposits Every 20 Minutes, 72 Times A Day.
  • That’s A Staggering 504 Times Per Week.
  • The Money Is Deposited Straight To Your Account.

This incredible income opportunity that you have before you, is the simplest way to make money online. The concept is not New but this system is revolutionary meaning that everyone who becomes a member makes money, it’s impossible not to.

Take your time to view the different pages of this site which will add substance to the claims within these words. I’ll leave you with a saying that resounds among the My Advertising Pays community “WARNING! Making money with My Advertising Pays Is Highly Addictive”

Why are so many people joining My Advertising Pays?

The answer is very simple… It Works!

2014-03-07_10071MyAdvertisingPays is ahead of the online advertising trend that is projected to grow for years to come. We provide the platform that taps directly into online advertising industry and brings several different income generating resources back to you. In addition, our site is set up to funnel profits to a reserve fund in such a way that ensures level payouts will continue. We want all our participants to earn round the clock without the rises and falls that extinguish sites with similar models. Our mathematics work because our experts studied the industry in-depth to make sure we didn’t make the same mistakes that caused our competitors to disappear. Our products work because we have a real in demand product that advertisers want to use. Our plan was to ensure long-term success and increased payouts based on quality products and services and not new sign-ups, and we are excelling in every area.


At My Advertising Pays, we like to dream big. When Mark Zuckerberg co created Facebook in his Harvard dorm room back in 2004, we imagine he had no idea how big it would be today. However, we dare to dream. We believe My Advertising Pays will make history, because never before has an Internet company been built to benefit its members before its founders. We know if we put our members first, one day we will spread our brand all across the Internet. Just like;

  • FacebookSocial icons laptop back ground
  • Twitter
  • Google
  • Instagram and
  • YouTube


We plan to cast a large net and slowly create a paradigm shift that tips the balance of power to the users and not just the founders. We wish to shift the economics of the Internet making the days of the overpaid executive a thing of the past.


My Advertising Pays pays its members first, because we know our members are the key to growing as big as we dare to dream. We invite you to dream with us, join

My Advertising Pays now!

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